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Hello from Toowoomba Queensland Australia
Welcome. We stock Gidgee Eye wear.

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Flags are 3 feet by 5 feet and cost $25 + freight $2 in Australia.
Some flags, marked with * are also available in
2 feet by 3 feet and are $15 + freight.

Flag of Queensland

Here is a selection - more in store

   Boxing Kangaroo                  China
        Greece                             India
          France                           USA
          Australia*                     England
          Germany                       Ireland
         Turkey                          South Africa
      Netherlands               New Zealand Fern
       Lebanon                       Italy
    Russia                              South Korea
       Iran                               Croatia
      Japan                             Wales
   Saudia Arabia                 Serbia Republic
   Argentina                          Israel
       Brazil                           Palestine
      Egypt                              Scotland
     Phillipines                United Arab Emirates
       Texas                      Papua New Guinea
Custers Flag (2x3 only)       Queensland

       Russia                     Northern Territory

     Ned Kelly ($33)                 Pirate

       Texas                                Vietnam