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Like a lot of bush stories, Joanne and son came into Rhonda's Refits looking for an Akubra hat, a conversation started and we are now the proud stockists of the Easy Oven collection, as well as the Bush Barbie camp stove, and the Bush Barbie mini. All instore at Rhonda's Refits, Cnr Holberton and Taylor Streets, Toowoomba for you to see. Great saver of gas or electricity. These Easy Ovens are not plugged in to any energy source. I reckon they are like a modern day version of a camp oven but so easy to use in today's kitchen. Or even a hungi where we use the earth as a heat insulator. A great idea to start the cooking at home and send off with the family for a hot feed later. I was impressed by the tests results from the University of Qld. A wonderful Queensland success story. EasyOven: Non-electric, portable, lightweight, fabric insulated thermal heat retention cooker.

EASY OVEN - energy efficiency eg for rice: 1 cup of rice and 1.5 cups of water. Boil for 2 minutes and then leave in Easy Oven for an hour. Serve and enjoy.
5 colours: $69.95ea


BUSH BARBIE Camp Stove $125

Also the Mini Bush Barbie at $35

See their web site for more recipes and details.


EasyOven: Non-electric, portable, lightweight, fabric insulated thermal heat retention cooker.

The EasyOven™ is the most energy efficient way to cook a meal. It’s clever insulating properties allow food that has been boiling in a pot on the stove, to finish cooking, without the use of additional energy, sealing in the flavour and nutrition. It’s more lightweight and portable than all of our competitors. Add to that the EasyOven™ has the ability to keep frozen goods frozen for up to three hours, it’s no wonder that our customers say “EasyOven™ is a “MUST HAVE” product”.

· Made of fabric and lightweight (only 230 grams)
Reduces electricity / gas/ fuel consumption by 80% - 90% saving money
Reduces water usage (there is no evaporation when cooking)
Saves time in the kitchen
Easy to clean, carry and store when not in use ( Machine or Hand washable)
Great for travelling and campers, it is also perfect for transporting hot meals to picnics, get-togethers or at sporting events!
· 100% recyclable

If you can cook it in a pot you can cook it in an EasyOven™!

Additional information:
So how does it work? You simply start your cooking off the same way you always have, add your spices, veg and meat or whatever you are cooking, bring it to the boil and continue to boil for a limited amount of time (most recipes are a maximum of 10 - 15 minutes) and then place the entire pot into the EasyOven™. Leaving your delicious meal to finish cooking in the EasyOven™ without the use of additional energy.

EasyOven™ can be used to cook meals in many different climatic conditions from the scorching heat to the snow


· Make sure the pot you are using fits into the EasyOven™
Use the correct size pot for the amount of food needed
Ensure the pot you are using has a lid that fits firmly.
Have the EasyOven™, within easy reach, but ensuring it is safely away from any fire hazard
Keep the lid on and do not place the pot on a cool surface on the way to the EasyOven™. This will make sure heat is not lost in the transfer process.
Don’t peep before cooking time is up, or heat will be lost.
EasyOven™ should not be placed directly on the stove or in the oven
Keep out of reach of small children during the cooking process

Special Note: EasyOven™ like, every fabric heat retention cooker losses between 5 °C/ 41° F and 7 °C / 45 ° F per hour so food remains hot for a maximum of 3-4 hours.

Product Specifications:

Product Dimensions: Top & Base: 400mm circumference
Gusset: 130mm deep
Lid Opening: 315 mm
5 litre pot (approximately)
Shipping Weight including packaging: 500 grams